Monday, November 21, 2005


So this is my halloween post, I know it's like a month late. No tricker-treaters came to our house so we decided to torture the little Yak Yak. This little pumpkin outfit is a handmade Emily original. Yakko totally did not appreciate the effort that was gone to for him (just like the spoiled brat he is) and whined the whole time. Then he leaped out of her arms and wiggled out of the costume.

So if Yakko was a pumpkin for Halloween... what do you ask did cat girl from my bus dress up as? Not a cat! Can you believe it, the one day a year you're supposed to dress up and she took off her cat ears?!! Instead she had a bunch of white power on her face and a black hand drawn scar along one of her cheeks. To complete her costume she wore some sort of incredibly big tutu.