Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stay tuned....

Stay tuned for a new blog Emily and I invented after reading other blogs with significantly more drama-ful and exciting lives...

I think we'll name it: Unbelievable things that happened to me again!

I'm not sure when we'll start writing it, I mean I guess we'll have to wait for something unbelievable, but it's coming so watch for it...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

time for a blog update

I just realized that I haven't updated my blog since February! So this update is for the three people that have my blog on rss feed, yes you, you know who you are...

I'll start with most recent happenings first

1) Today - bus adventures

Another fun bus adventure today. I learned a couple new facts on today's bus ride coming back from campus:

Fact 1) The craziest people ride the 48 on a Saturday afternoon.
Fact 2) The crazy people all sit in the front of the bus right in that area with the three seats facing each other and the two sets of two facing front.
Fact 3) Crazy people recognize crazy and all start talking to each other.
Fact 4) Crazy people own guns at a higher rate than do normal people.
Fact 5) Crazy people lie, really you have 2 ex-wives, three girlfriends and a friend's girlfriend after you?

2) Thursday night 3pm - 4 popular restaurants 2 blocks away from our house burnt down

3) This summer - two old Eugene friends moved back into town

4) This summer - Then one old Eugene friend moved out of town.

5) Emily and I bought a new camera for our honeymoon - it has a smile function that we tried out on all our friends. I think it stopped working...

6) After almost two years of wedding bliss Emily and I decided to go on our honeymoon

7) I switched jobs and now work for the University of Washington.

8) This is taking too long, I've only just reached what happened since July!

9) Feb through July = work + school + work + school

The end

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

reading, reading, writing, writing, writing, old people

I figure since I have three papers due this week, why not waste a little more time writing. Only this time I can talk about fun mindless things. Forgive me friends, it's been 8 months since I have written....and now you say what have you done in the past 8 months? Well I can't even remember, but I know there was some interesting stuff that happened. I guess I could try and tell you 8 highlights in the last 8 months.....

1) I spent the autumn months learning public policy management frameworks
Framework: a basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues

2) I became fascinated with the Snuggie

3)My band played at an old folks homes for a Valentine's day dance and I was paid with Valentine's pudding and blush wine (that tasted like punch and made my trombone taste funny). I wanted the pink peppermint ice cream instead of the pudding, but sadly they had run out. It was pretty fun, there was a man dressed up as a large heart and a lipstick contest.

4)I discovered Cara Cara oranges, so tasty!

5)I made a song with songsmith

6)I finished the whole season of MTV's A Double Shot At Love (why? I don't know but my mind needed a night off after reading about framework after framework in managing the public policy process, does anyone really think stakeholder analysis is a framework? Isn't it just common sense? I guess I could write a paper about how to efficiently squeeze toothpaste out of a tube and call it a framework...)

7) I made a haiku
black cat stares at me
mind melding will get my food
or i scratch your face
(actually I just made that up now because I need an eight things and I'm coming up short)

8) Emily made a limerick too (she is studying for her generals and needs a break from reading about the medial rostral prefrontal cortex aka nerdular nerdance)
there once was a small stripey beast
who only wanted to feast
he demanded his kibble
but then wouldn't nibble
and my patience was soon decreased