Sunday, April 29, 2007

So we bought a house...

So Emily and I have been looking for a little over a month to buy a house and finally by some miracle our fourth offer was accepted. All over the news, the housing market is dropping, all except the crazy pacific NW which has gone way high. And why not, rain, clouds and crappy weather is so great! We lost three houses before this one; the second house we actually bid over, but not enough because someone bid $40K over! This house, the address was listed incorrectly and the measly four pictures on the web was of the unit next door (and they weren't great pictures). So we're grateful the realtor wasn't a good marketer. Anyway we're super excited to actually have our own place where we don't have to hear our neighbors or have a landlord. I mean, don't get me wrong we love the place we're renting, but it's the little things. Like the guy that lives in our basement is in his fourties and has lived there for 10 years. He's got joint custody of a screaming toddler and an on again off again girlfriend who regularly has the consumption (or some sort of hacking cough). Plus the incessant mix of shot em' up video games along with Aladdin "you've got a friend" music. I can't complain too much, we've occasionally done some clog dancing, etc. but ah well. Our own place is exciting!
Here's a link to more random pics.
It's a townhouse close to our school and work bus lines. It has a tiny yard which is good and bad since the upside is no gardening and the downside is no yard (I guess could you could say that about a house too though), but it's clean and new and we won't have to do any work except by curtains.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home buying, wedding planning, and more exciting bus stories

I know I haven't written for over a month, but I do have an excuse.... Emily and I decided that this would be the perfect time to start house hunting. I mean it's not like we're busy or anything right? Emily's trying to do her 2nd year project at school and just started taking on her second client while. I'm taking a class as well as working full time and playing in two bands and a soccer team. My class is located in the University Hospital since it's taught by an Epidemiologist in the Health Services department (survey research methods), so it took a little time getting used to going to a hospital for class. I keep looking for the cast of Grey's Anatomy in the hallways, but alas they aren't there. At least the bathrooms are nicer in the hospital and there's elevators to get to class. I guess there are some advantages to having class in the hospital.

Oh yea and we're supposed to be planning a wedding (I wish the damn thing would plan itself). Oct. 20th seems so far away so we'll have plenty of time... By the way, if anyone has any fun pictures of Emily and I for our wedding slide show send them our way.

Ok here's the fun bus story for the month. Unfortunately, I'm not able to take credit for this bus story as I'm merely parroting what Emily has relayed to me.

So these two dudes (probably in their late 20s) in house painter clothes are standing in the middle of the bus because it's crowded and they can't sit down. They start having a conversation and the tall one says out of the blue
"you know, I don't really like shampoo"
and the short dude says
"yea, I don't really wash my hair all the time"
and the tall dude says
and the short dude says
"you know what you can do though? You can take some lotion, whatever you use is leftover and put some in your hair. It helps keep it flatter."
and the tall dude says
"yea, not so fluffy"

Appartley tall dude didn't head short dude's advice though because Emily saw him later in the week with still puffy hair. This was pretty funny to Emily since she'd had this same conversation in 7th grade with Tiffany.