Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Bus Adventures and Cat Girl #2

I haven't written about my bus adventures as of late, but recently I've been seeing cat girl #2 on my bus. Since I started taking class and riding the bus in the middle of the day, I get a different crowd than your usual work commuter. Cat girl #2 is frequently is also goth looking and a teenager. This one looks a bit meaner and has a "too cool" (although you're not for christ sake, you have cat ears and you take the bus in the middle of the day, shouldn't you be in school?). Anyway, I don't know what the deal is with this cat style...

The bus drivers are a bit different too. There's Antonio Banderas who has this low sexy spanish voice when announcing stops. Seriously, the man can say Wallingford so sexy that the passengers are stunned into silence. Then there's Ali G who makes a rap about every stop announcement. I would think he's super clever except for the fact that he does the same raps every day so that get's a little old (but still funny). Emily who is his biggest fan loves to repeat his lines: "49 will treat you fine to broadway" "superstar express action is ON THE MOVE" "ice cold 16 on the sweetheart 26" Yea fool!