Saturday, June 21, 2008

What do gun shows, starting a nonprofit, suprapattellar bursitis, grad school and a Japanese Maple have in common?


I haven't written in a while so I figure let's get caught up on my life for the two people that regularly read this not so well updated blog (Emily and maybe Eric since he's probably the only person that's commented more than once).

Starting with gun shows....No not the kind that shoot bullets, those I'm not a fan of in any form! Lately Emily has an obsession with gun jokes (you know the guns in your arms) so she's been going around collecting them from anybody who has one to share. Oddly enough a lot of people know different ones, kind of like the aristocrats joke. Here are some good ones she got out of people:

Emily: Do you have tickets yet?
Confused unsuspecting person: Huh? What?
Emily (flexing her muscles): TO THE GUN SHOW!

Greg (my bandmate's hubby and master griller): Do you know of a good vet?
Emily (giggling): No
Greg (flexing his muscles): BECAUSE THESE PYTHONS ARE SICK!

April (soccer pal and soon to be lesbian ska bandmate): Do you have a needle and thread?
Karen (confused): I dunno, I think Emily has that with her craft crap?
April (flexing her muscles): BECAUSE I'M RIPPED!

Ave (soccer pal and crazy good potter): Have you heard the weather forecast?
Karen (putting her hand out to gauge the weather): eh?
Ave (flexing one bicep, then the other): IT'S GONNA BE THUNDER AND LIGHTENING

Starting a nonprofit... After starting to make a little money in the women's jazz band ( I helped found a couple years ago we figure we better get our finances in order and start a business or nonprofit to protect ourselves from lawsuits, tax stuff, etc. Starting a nonprofit is a TON of paperwork and involves a lot of collaboration with a band that's gotten to be almost 20 people large with a ton of occasional subs. But we're thriving and playing around town quite a bit this summer and that's super fun.

Suprapattellar bursitis...I'm so so careful now when playing soccer, but the other weekend when a dude twice my size came in from the side of me (after me taking control of the ball) and knocked my planted leg (from the inside no less) almost all the way around, it took me out of playing for a couple weeks. Luckily it's nothing too serious, but it makes you wonder if people really are "playing for fun."

Grad School! In the middle of starting a nonprofit, playing in bands, soccer, and my full time job I start grad school at the University of Washington in the fall. I'm super exciting because the program (masters of public administration) lets you choose a focus (policy evaluation is mine) and take classes in other departments as well as their public affairs department. So I can take really nerdy quantitative classes in the econ or math department if I want!

Last but not least in the latest happenings is that my brother and mom came for a visit a couple weekends ago and decided to rip out our tiny garden. Which was a good thing because the tiny plants the builder put in were totally random and ugly.

It's kind of a weird angle, but this is what our tiny yard looks like from our balcony, we need to get some more color but after 9 hedges, a japanese maple, hydrangea, and transplanting our tiny Rhody we were tired. When I say we, I mean my brother because my scrawny arms only dug 3 of the 12 holes...