Thursday, March 30, 2006

On The Home Front

As usual when I get home from a rainy day, I set my umbrella up to dry in the kitchen. Now mind you, whenever I open my umbrella near the little crapper he flys out of the room like a rabid bat (this is no exaggeration, just look at those shiny eyes). The other day after dashing out of the room he decides to creep slowly back into the kitchen and upon further inspection he decides the umbrella is now his property.

New Friend
I finally got a PDA after a couple of years trying to use a paper planner and finding myself too lazy to write in it. It's so great, it syncs with Outlook and everything; now I never have to write again (except checks).

The amazing thing about this PDA, is that the darn thing didn't come with a case. How crazy is that? It's so fragile why wouldn't Palm at least include a cheapie case and charge and extra five dollars. I was too outraged to buy a case (or really just too lazy to go back to Circuit City to get one) so Emily volunteered to knit this adorable PDA case complete with stripes and button. I don't want to encourage her kniting addiction, but this was a damn useful project. Next she's making me a tie, so I can't complain too much about needles and stash lying around the house. I never thought about it, but after reading the Yarn Harlot's blot about yarn addiction and realizing that kniters talk about needles and stash as their tools.... It really is a drug.