Sunday, December 18, 2005

Big Fat Wood Cookie!

Now that finals are over, we're doing the obligatory holiday preparations... one of which involves dragging a tree full of pine needles and sap into our house. So I decided I wanted a big tree since Emily and I are hosting Christmas at our house for both of our families. Because we were in a big rush, I pretty much had to have the first big tree I saw (even though Emily tried to talk some reason into me). A guy came and loaded it in into the car (mistake number one because of all the pine needles) and we drove home. We got home and lifted out our extremely heavy 7 foot tree out of the car. Then we got the tree stand and realized we were going to have to saw through the damn thing to make it fit. So we dug out a rusty saw we found in our garage and took turns for around 20 minutes in the below 30 degree weather. We somehow managed to carry this mostrocity of a tree up the stairs into our house, taking several breaks along the way. Anyway the moral of this story is that one should look at the size of the trunk before one buys a Christmas tree. Big trunk means very heavy, probably won't fit in your stand. Here's the big fat wood cookie Emily and I sawed off the tree. Note the nice knot in the middle of the second picture!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

It Snowed!!

Yay, it snowed in Seattle on Thursday! Emily took the pics since I was in New York for a work retreat. I've been waiting for snow since last year and I missed it!
I'm hoping is snows again, I really wanted to build a snowman and throw snowballs at things. Seattle is definately frickin' cold right now, last week I played soccer in near freezing weather and my little ears turned into ice cubes that gave me that headache you get with you drink slurpees too fast.