Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Place Pics

Okay so I finally got this picture thing working. Here's my virtual tour...

Here's our two big living room windows, it kind of a dark picture since I took it in the evening, but it's usually really bright. After dragging my sister around Capitol Hill, to help us look for a place live, she reminded us that in Seattle people spend a lot of time indoors so we'd better get something with a lot of windows. Best advice ever!!

Here's more living room at a different angle. Notice the rug on the floor, my "research gang" co-workers gave Emily and me a Bed Bath and Beyond gift certificate so we used it for that rug and an ice cream maker. We are still working on making the thank-you card. I really miss all the good advice and wiseness of my research team (that and wearing Priscilla's pink jacket).

So next is the dining room... I think I took this pic in the morning
Here's the kitchen with funky blue tile

Dining room

Here's the deck

and then there's the bedrooms, but those are kind of messy so I didn't take pictures...

Here's our new Ikea chair and already the kitties took it over! Ikea was the deciding factor on moving to Seattle instead of North Carolina.

So that's all for now, stay tuned for more pictures. I promised Meriel that I'd post Eric and Steph's wedding pictures so I'll get on it next...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Starting a Blog

Sadly my darkwing email is gone so I'm forced to move somewhere else in Internet space so here I am in blog land. I'm hoping I can post a couple of pictures of our new place.

So getting used to living in a fairly large city is interesting. So far the most noteable differences are that downtown buildings are more than three stories high, people dress a lot hipper, I have to remember the combo code to my office bathroom door (which poses a problem when you're in a hurry), people drive worse than Greg, everybody walks fast, and there's a coffee shop on every corner. Someone laughed when I told them I worked downtown by the "Seattle's Best Coffee?"

Ok so pics of our new place...they aren't loading so I'll try it again later :(