Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2nd best day of my frickin' life

Sometimes good things happen to good people after all!The background
I guess I'll have to fill you in on a little background to start with. You know those nature valley granola bars you always see at the store? You can usually buy them in a pack of plain or variety and occasionally peanut butter. Recently they've come out with some new flavors and variations on their original like maple and brown sugar. Well anyway, I've always been in love with with cinnamon kind so for the past few years I'll buy the variety pack that has cinnamon, peanut butter and oats 'N honey. I gobble up the ever so tasty cinnamon and leave the others for Emily, which I might add doesn't work so well. She sometimes eats the peanut butter ones, but she's just not a huge fan. For maybe 5 years now I have searched in vain at every grocery story store (and targets I might add) to find a box of only cinnamon ones. Poor Emily is a little bored with my whining when I find only peanut butter and oats N' honey with their own boxes. What I want to know is who is their statistician that decided people prefer peanut butter over cinnamon, it's just ludicrous! I'll run a focus group, survey, whatever they need to show them the error of their granola bar ways for Free.

Maple and Brown Sugar Pushes out Cinnamon
Over the last couple of years there's this new flavor on the block, maple brown sugar, and they've been substituting it for the cinnamon in the variety packs, much to my chagrin. To add insult to injury they even started selling this new kind in its own box. Outrageous right?! Just think how upsetting this is after years of having to buy stupid peanut butter and oats N' honey to get to my cinnamon.

A Breakthrough
On Monday, labor day, Emily and I stop at a grocery store, one of theses indy stores, not a Safeway or Whole Foods, after some marathon outlet clothes shopping trip (another story in and of itself). So I'm hungry, tired, and delusional from the screaming of children and trying to help Emily pick out grown up clothes for her new practicum at the hospital. The first day she violated every dress code with long hair, dangly earrings, open toed shoes and who knows what else. I guess they don't want you wearing things people can grab? But I digress, so in this very random store I notice a sale on the Nature Valley variety pack (2 for 5 dollars), so I happily pick it up only to notice that once again maple brown sugar has squeezed out cinnamon. As usual I start to complain to Emily about the unfairness of my cinnamon granola bar free life. As I'm going into my usual tirade, with other shoppers looking on, Emily shuts me up by pointing at the box of cinnamon only granola bars sitting right next to the variety pack. I took every pack left they had (only 4, damn it). Best day of my frickin' life!