Saturday, July 14, 2007

Boeing's Dreamliner

My sister works on the new Boeing 787 and had an extra ticket to their big roll out event so I got to see the new plane. I have to admit, it seems pretty fancy with it's bigger windows and humidity controled cabin tempurature. I think they even have some fancy lighting stuff and some kind of stableizer thing so no more pesky turbulence (come on, who doesn't love a little turbulence). We braved waiting in a huge line for buses to take us to the hanger. Definately longer than a Disneyland line, but at least no screaming kids or people in stuffed animal suits were there. Wouldn't that have been funny... a big stuffed plane walking up to people, ha ha. Serioulsy though here's a pic of the line:

The line was worth it though because you never get to take cameras inside (even on family day) and I got a couple good shots of the new plane: