Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First Trailer Trip!

In case you haven't heard the news.....Emily agreed to let me start researching trailers now that we have our new towing vehicle and I've promised her no more tent camping! As part of this quest I've decided we should start renting a couple trailers to test the waters before buying.

Our first trailer trip started on a high note with Audrey coming down with an ear infection the week before our little trip and then on Friday morning of our trip Emily waking up with Audrey's cold. No matter she was a good sport once she couldn't convince my Mom or sister to take her place in the trailer. So we set out to South Seattle to pick up our little 1975 Bright Blue Boler!


This guy rents 4 trailers out of his Columbia City house, but I'm not sure how he stores them all. As you can maybe see there's like 2 inches on either side of his high walled driveway so my first task was to pull the trailer out without scraping it on the side while turning into a busy crowded street. The trailer was oddly clean and smell free considering it had just come back from Burning Man.

Audrey could barely contain her excitement.

So off we went to Mt. Rainer with our little trailer weighing under 1000 lbs!

Pretty cozy for 3 of us, but worked great.

Emily's Dad came up for an afternoon from Portland and found us a nice view of Rainier.

Camping like activities ensued such as hiking,

finding cool trees,

playing in the sand

eating marshmallows (getting ready for them in this pic),

and being completely exhausted from the toddler fit about putting in her own hair clip I think it was?

Looking forward to the next trip with Mickey, Donald, and my little family :)