Monday, March 03, 2014

Our (Emily's) Attempt at One Month Photos

We've been seeing all these adorable one to three month baby photos posted by our friends on Facebook. You know the ones with the little number in a circle babies hold or have place don their tummy. So Emily thought why not track her monthly progress in comparison with a stuffed animal...This is Audrey's version of the picture taking event for her one month picture:

"Hey! What the H is this?!"

"Not comfortable!"

"I'm not sure I like this..."

"Seriously? We're doing this?"

"You know I can't hold my own neck up right?"

"Is this cute enough?"


"Your trunk is hitting me!"

"I want outta here!"

"Take Two"


lauren said...

I still have you in my RSS feed!! Glad you're back!

Emily Neuhaus said...

My tiny sweetest pea!!

Emily Neuhaus said...

tiny, sweet baby!!