Sunday, October 11, 2015

Super Awesome Pumpkin Patch Family Photo!

Time for my once a year blog post/update. Really my intent was to show the sequence of less than ideal family photos we tried to take today. Audrey just moved up in daycare to the two's room (from Koala to Kangaroo) and they asked us for a family photo to put on the wall of families in unit two. So for the last week, I've been looking at the other family photos thinking... ok I got this, 1) find a picturesque location, 2) make sure Emily takes sunglasses to avoid her classic eyes shut pose, 3) get Audrey to stay in one position for the 10 seconds the camera timer needs for set up. No problem!

Picture 1 aka Waiting for Emily

Picture 2 aka the grass is the most exciting thing here

Picture 3 aka the grass is definitely more fun than Moms

Picture 4 aka the chair won't stop me from moving

Picture 5 aka not this again

Picture 6 aka put me down dammit!

Picture 7 - untitled
Picture 8 - only way to keep Audrey still....

Here's a couple more from the night before...

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